Talk 2 The Animals: Rescued From the Kill Pen!

It’s seldom that I create a post like this, but I couldn’t resist this one. Guess who has been saved from the kill pen? That’s right, those beautiful, glorious donkeys you see, Jill and Joy.

Animal communication student Mindy Reiss ran across these two lovely ladies in her FB feed. She learned they were located in a killpen in Louisiana and were moments away from being shipped to Mexico for meat. Mindy tried to wait for a rescue to pull them, but unfortunately the ladies ran out of time. Having the heart she does, Mindy decided to rescue them on her own, even though she had never done a kill pen rescue before. She was not willing to accept the horrible death she knew would otherwise be waiting for the girls. Mindy understood they still have plenty of good years left and they deserve that safe, comfortable life. Any money raised will be used to save them and get them back to being healthy (and hopefully finding a loving home). They have a long road ahead of them with a quarantine stay and transportation out to North Dakota.

Any way you can help is greatly appreciated, whether that is through a financial donation, sharing their fund raising page with your connections or sending good vibes their way. Mindy will be posting updates on their GoFundMe page.

I’ve always said “We All Do Better When ALL Creatures Do Better” and witnessing Mindy step up and save these ladies is the proof in the pudding for me.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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