Talk 2 The Animals: Animal Communication Resources for You

Are you looking to delve into the world of animal communication more and to do some exploring on your own? Learn what it’s all about? Yay! That’s a good thing, at least in my unbiased opinion.

However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so here are some links and resources to get you going.

First off, here are a couple of my links:

Some more links for you:

Below is a full length video of communicator Anna Breytenbach demonstrating the work she does, which is astounding. You can hear the interview I did with Anna on Talk2theAnimalsRadio here.

I hope this helps to get you started on your animal communication journey, because everyone can talk to the animals! And yes, that means you!

When you’re ready to go deeper into animal communication and experience it, check out my 4 week online beginning animal communication class. There are 2 different sessions of the class for ease of scheduling. Click on the dates to REGISTER NOW or find out more about the class here.

call to action buttonThursdays at 2pm MT   Starting March 2

Tuesdays at 7pm MT   Starting on March 7


Have fun exploring! If you have any questions, or there’s anything I can help you with, leave a comment or send an email and let me know.

Here’s to New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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