Talk 2 The Animals: The Joys of Living with Animals


Isn’t it a joy to have animals in your household? I love watching my boys interact and be so unabashedly themselves. Max loves his bark window, the window that runs almost the entire width and height of the loft. He sees anything and everything that passes by the house, and lets me know about it.

Raven has decided that mornings are our ‘alone’ time. As I’m drinking my first cuppa morning tea, he has taken to curling up on my lap, purring and snoozing. He makes it hard for me to start work!

Billy is showing his age and we are all learning to cope with changes that need to be made in the household as his kidney disease progresses. His jumping skills aren’t what they used to be, but he refuses to accept that. The other day he tried leaping from the kitchen counter up to the top of the fridge and didn’t make it. He started to fall into the small space between the fridge and counter – luckily I was there and caught him. The fridge has now been moved right next to the counter. So many things to think about and adjust as members of your animal family age and decline.

What’s your day like with your animal pals? Do you have an older animal and find you need to adjust routines to accommodate their aging? Leave a comment and share what your life is like with your animal pals.

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Here’s To New Beginnings,


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