Talk 2 The Animals: January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month

I must admit, when it comes to animal rescue, my mind immediately hops to cats, dogs and horses. That’s probably because those have been the animals in my family.

But other animals need rescue too, and I’m glad there are events to remind me of that fact.

January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month. It was started to spread awareness about the need for bird adoption and also to educate people about birds.

Just as when you adopt another animal, there are considerations and decisions that need to be made when adopting a bird. These decisions need to be made by the entire family so the integration of your new feathered family member is a success for all species.

Considerations When Adopting A Bird

  • Birds are not domesticated animals. Domesticated animals have been bred for centuries to live with and be cared for by humans. Birds have not.
  • Do you have enough space to keep a bird? You need the space to have a cage where the bird can stretch its wings and an area where the bird would be able to fly and play.
  • Birds need a diet that includes seeds, pellets, grains, beans, fruits and vegetables.
  • Birds need exposure to light and at least 10 hours of sleep.
  • Consider the maintenance that goes into taking care of a bird. Birds eat all day, dropping bits and pieces. If you are looking for a low maintenance bird, a smaller bird will be most likely to fit your needs. If maintenance is a consideration, you will want a bird that is weaned and can eat on her/his own.
  • Birds are extremely sensitive to air quality. They should not be exposed to tobacco smoke or chemicals.
  • A bird’s life span can be between 8-50 years. You will definitely want to take that into consideration before adopting. If you adopt a bird with a long life span, it is especially important to consider the care of the bird in your estate planning.
  • Birds require a vet that specializes in bird care. Before you adopt, be sure there is such a vet in your area.

Keeping these considerations in mind as you are looking for your feather friend will help ensure a win-win for all!

Here’s To New Beginnings,


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from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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