Talk 2 The Animals: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

November 1: Day of the Dead, a day to honor and remember family members who have passed and to help support them on their journey. When I was growing up, as a family we didn’t honor All Saint’s Day, much less Day of the Dead. The thought in my house was once someone had died, that was it. Died. Dead. Gone. Period.

Not true. As I am learning to experience life more fully, I’m realizing that includes honoring those dead and gone in my family – my ancestors, those who had a part and a say in shaping who I am. Death is a part of life, life is a part of death; they are co-mingled.

Of course now, my immediate family is 4 legged, so on the Day of the Dead I include my 4 legged family members who have passed in the memories and celebrations of my ancestors.

Often when I’m working with (human) clients whose beloved animal pal has transitioned or is in the death and dying process, the human is so afraid they won’t see their beloved companion again. It’s simply heart rendering to witness that. I’m often asked if they will see their beloved companion when they get to heaven (short answer: yes). And every once in awhile they will ask if their sweet pal can visit them on Earth as an angel (short answer: yes).

A Visit From An Angel Animals

My Angel Animals do visit me, some more frequently than others. For instance my first cat Pookie and my first dog Squirt hardly ever visit. My horse Shiloh is around a lot of the time, even when he’s not co-teaching the animal communication classes with me. My dog Emmie comes on occasion, and when she does visit, it’s because she’s resumed her nurturing role in the household.

When I was driving from Minnesota to Montana, cat Billy was having a horrible experience. Even with a medication from the vet and my doing energy work with him before we commenced our travels, he yowled continuously for the first 24 hours. He even continued yowling when we were in the hotel room.

I was beside myself, I didn’t know how to take care of him AND drive at the same time. Out of desperation, I called on my Angel Dog Emmie to please come and help. She and Billy were BFFs in life and she nurtured him a lot when she was in the physical.

As I was driving, I noticed the yowling was beginning to decrease, and Billy felt more relaxed to me. I looked in the rear view mirror, and I’m not making this up, I saw Emmie standing over him as she used to do IRL.

Twice more during that day’s drive I looked and witnessed Angel Dog Emmie standing guard over Billy, taking care of him, watching over him literally.

So yes, our angel animals can and do come visit us.

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Have you been hesitant about connecting with your angel animal, perhaps afraid of what it might be like to experience them on your own? If that’s the case, I can help. Let’s set up a time and connect you AGAIN with your beloved animal companion.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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