Talk 2 The Animals: Asking Your Dog How They Like The Dog Park

I have been very nostalgic the past few days – October 2 was the day I helped my 17-year old perpetual puppy Teddy transition. Read about it here.

Even though it’s marked on my calendar, it didn’t ‘hit’ me until I saw my Memories feed on Facebook. Teddy was a cheerful pup, fun loving, and without a care in the world. He loved going to the dog park AND writing about his adventures on my blog. You can read one of his adventures here.

Have you asked your dog if s/he has stories to tell you about the dog park? No? How about giving it a whirl:

  • At a time when you and your dog are enjoying quality time together, start thinking about a time when the two of you went to a dog park
  • Ask your dog if s/he has anything to share about that time
  • Open yourself to any thoughts, images, ideas, feelings that come to you at that time
  • TRUST that what comes to you at that time is from your dog
How was that for you? If you’d like to share your experience, you can email me or leave a comment on my Facebook page.

BTW, with the holidays around the corner, I will be beginning a new program – Pet Grief & the Holidays. With the hustle, bustle, traditional joy, and excitement of the holidays, the topic of pet grief is considered a downer and is avoided.

And, after all, who wants to be talking about a downer subject amidst all the festivities? The person who is experiencing pet grief, that’s who. If you’ve ever experienced pet grief, this program will help you with your grief while reconciling the holiday spirit. It will be offered in two formats: online and there will be local events in Missoula. Stay tuned for further details as the program unfolds. If there’s anything you’d like to see specifically covered in the Pet Grief & the Holidays program, be sure to email me.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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