Talk 2 The Animals: Predicaments In Listening

Has anyone ever experienced an #epicfail in listening to their animals?

I only ask because that has happened to me. Here’s my story…..

One of my hobbies is coloring and I recently ordered a package of 70 gel pens. I was delighted to receive them, and excited to see all the different nuances in the colors I now had to play with.

Sitting on the couch coloring one evening, I remember thinking that while I had all these assorted colors, the way the manufacturer had them arranged made no sense to me. It crossed my mind at some point I would rearrange them to my liking.

Not two minutes later my cat Raven came up, rubbed against the box and then smacked the box so it went tumbling to the floor and the majority of the pens toppled out.

As anger, yelling and swearing let loose, I was down on my hands and knees trying to find all the gel pens. Raven just sat there, witnessing.

Realization Hits Home

The realization soon struck me – Raven had heard my thoughts and in the best way he could he helped me realize my plan of reorganizing the colors to my satisfaction.

It affected me in a couple of different ways. First of all, how willing Raven was to help me in what I had planned, and how his actions brought that plan into the immediate. I was shocked at how quickly I got so angry with him. Why?

The answer comes in one word – disconnect.

I was focused solely on what I was doing and disconnected from the world at large. When I was suddenly brought back to the world at large – “Earth to Janet” so to speak – I became angry. I didn’t take the time to assess what was going on, why I was brought back to the present, and I certainly didn’t take the time to even bother to look at things from Raven’s point of view.

What’s a Person To Do?

Sometimes it’s necessary to learn our lessons before a situation happens so when the situation occurs, we are prepared for it.

Clear as mud? Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you, let me explain further.

Since I’ve experienced I have the capacity to act like that, I am more prepared should something similar happen in the future. I can now consciously decide how I want to act and take steps to create a plan should (when) this happens again. Here’s my plan:

  • Consciously decide how I want to act in the future
  • Consciously decide what I want the outcome to be in situations like this
  • Ask myself some pertinent questions:
    • What was I thinking immediately before this happened?
    • Why would Raven do something like this immediately after I had been thinking of doing it myself?
    • Why was my first reaction that Raven was being a troublemaker when this happened?
    • What does it take for me to remain connected on some level to what’s happening around me when I’m in ‘Janet-land’?
    • What does it mean to me to have one of my animal family members be willing to help me in such an immediate and accommodating way?

There are so many actives and events that are always going on in our lives that it can be both tempting and easy to disconnect. However, when we’re disconnected, things go awry and we make more trouble for ourselves and those around us. What would it take for you to remain connected in some way to all that is going on around you?

Have you ever experienced anything like this? If so, please share your story in the comments as well as how you handled it.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator & Educator


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