Talk 2 The Animals: An Animal Communication PSA

Just to make it short and sweet, here’s an animal communication PSA for your edification:

Don’t practice your animal communication skills when driving.

If you’re good with that, cool, go on with your life as scheduled. However, if you’re like me and need to know the why of things, continue reading.

You’re probably asking yourself: ‘Why not? I’m just talking, for heaven’s sake. I talk and drive all the time.”

Yes, most of us regularly talk and drive simultaneously. We talk with others in the car, we talk on our cell phone and there are those of us who roll down the windows and sing at the top of our lungs as we’re driving.

But that’s different from practicing your animal communication skills while driving.

What’s The Difference?

When we are learning or practicing a new skill, we become focused on it. That’s because our brains are changing as we learn it. In essence, the more adept we are at a skill, the less our brain participates. As we learn something new, we are concentrating on what new skills are involved, doing the practice and finally, evaluating how we thought the practice went. This takes our attention away from driving which as we all learned in driver’s education is not a good thing.

But when you’re practicing animal communication, it’s even more than that. You can literally be in a different world.

When we are connected to the animals, we have actually entered a state where we are working from a different brainwave than we do in our normal everyday life.

Our brains are composed of billions of cells, which are called neurons. By using electricity to communicate with each other, they create a wave-like pattern, called a brainwave.

The beta brainwave is when we are consciously alert, and where we spend most of our time functioning in our daily life. Our brain is active, and has been referred to as ‘monkey-mind’. This is the brainwave we use as we are driving. You are in the beta state as you are reading this post.

In order to communicate with the animals, we are consciously changing our brainwave to that of the alpha state. In the alpha state we are conscious, aware of what’s happening, but it’s like a daydream. Monkey-mind is gone. We are relaxed in body and mind, with our thought process slowed and our mind is cleared of extraneous chatter. This is not the brain wave from where we usually operate our lives.

Reasons To Not Multi-task When Practicing Animal Communication

Because we are experiencing a different brain wave when practicing animal communication or participating in an animal communication class, simultaneously doing such activities as driving can be dangerous or even lethal. We are not indestructible super beings as we tend to think we are. The possibility of getting in an accident and injuring yourself or someone else is real and simply to real to ignore.

Animal communication is a discipline. This means it takes practiced, focused concentration and commitment to connect with the animals and be in honest relationship with them. Our society does not honor active listening, truly listening to what is being spoken around us. We live in a superficial culture of sound bites and 140 characters, filled with often glib, hollow conversations.  This is the antithesis of animal communication. When practicing animal communication, distractions need to be eliminated, both external and internal. Our preconceived notions of what animal communication is and what may be accomplished in an animal communication session need to be set aside so we can be with an animal in full integrity, giving her/him our full attention. It is not possible to accomplish this when mutiltasking, regardless of what you might think or have been told. It is simply not possible.

If you truly want to communicate with animals, it is necessary to begin the practice of ridding yourself of anything that stands between you and making that connection. That includes learning to recognize blocks and being honest with yourself once you encounter them. Upon investigation you may find some of those blocks are considered the norm in society – like multitasking. It takes courage to realize that, understand it and be willing to take the necessary steps to remove them; you may worry this might feel you are flaying yourself in the eyes of society. Don’t worry, you are.

call to action sign up buttonIf you are ready to toss multitasking out the window and learn how to be in a more authentic relationship with the animals in your life, it’s time to sign up for my 4-Week Online Beginning Animal Communication Class beginning September 6. Register here.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper, Animal Communicator


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