Talk 2 The Animals: Animal Communication And Your Imagination

When I was a youngster, my mother often described me as ‘she would talk to the kitchen sink or a fence post if it were to talk back’. I remember receiving her description as a badge of honor for my gregarious nature.

It seemed like she hit the nail on the head with that description. All went well until I started reporting the fence post, or rather the squirrel in the backyard, was talking back. Charlie – his name was Charlie – and Charlie had things to tell me. Nothing important, no earth shattering pronouncements or predictions, just your common squirrel-to-little-kid conversations. I don’t even remember them now.

But I do remember the scene that took place when I told my mom about Charlie and our conversations. It veered between ‘What will the neighbor’s think?’ and ‘Squirrels don’t talk, it’s just your imagination’.

A few years later I had just received my driver’s license. I was driving down one of the main streets of my hometown and a young kid was riding his bicycle beside me. I received a spontaneous intuitive ‘hit’ that the kid was going to fall off his bike. I immediately stopped the car, and the kid fell. If I hadn’t listened to my intuition, I would probably have hit the young boy.

I told my dad about it when I got home, very proud of myself that not only did I have the intuitive hit, but that I had listened to it. My dad, ever the intellectual, told me it was only my imagination, it was impossible to know something like that beforehand.

Being the dutiful daughter, I gradually closed down and eventually shut off my intuitive skills.

It’s JUST Your Imagination

Have you ever been told those words before? Most often they are delivered with good intentions and complete sincerity, with the person coming from a genuine place of wanting to help. Perhaps they are trying to help us be more like what they perceive as ‘normal’ so they are able to feel more comfortable around us.

But even when said with good intentions, when we listen to those words and try to conform to them, we are actually, bit by bit, killing off a normal, natural part of ourselves.

Just like I did when I listened to my well-intentioned parents. It was not until decades later when both of my parents were deceased that I gradually allowed that part of myself to venture forth, gingerly stepping forward and peeking around every proverbial corner to make sure I would be safe letting that part of myself come out of hiding. (Led by a dog, of course. You can read that story here.)

So What If It’s JUST Your Imagination?

It saddens me when people share their ‘it’s just your imagination’ stories. These stories are heartrending, generally resulting with the person doubting themselves and denying their own true, real-life experiences. No stories immediately come to my mind that ended differently.

Throughout the decades the animals have told me consistently that in reaching out to people, they do so through the avenue most open to them, meaning they will connect where the person has the least resistance in hearing from them. That can be through words, pictures, feelings or dreams. It can also be through your imagination.

Isn’t that kind and considerate of the animals to be so tuned into us and so willing to connect with us they recognize how we are most at ease and open in hearing from them? How does it get any better than that?

As you gain experience in believing in your imagination and trusting it, you will also gather experience in discerning what is coming from the animals and what is ‘just your imagination’. For right now, let the bottom line be: if you’re open to hearing from the animals through your imagination, what better way to receive the information?

I have a 4 week online class beginning June 15, 2016. Are you ready to take that next step into your intuition and connect with the animals? Good! You can register here.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


from Janet Roper


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